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VIDEO: Whistler, November 2013

Whistler will always be one of my favorite places.  Early in my teens, my parents got a time share in the Whistler Village.  Ever since then, we’ve been going a few times each year to enjoy the Village and the countless things it has to offer.  We’ve had tons of adventures in Whistler and made awesome memories there (my husband and I even spent our honeymoon there in the summer of 2012!).

For this trip to Whistler, Matt and I drove ourselves up to the Village on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  We were there by ourselves for a few days, and then my Mom and Dad met us there the night before Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving also happened to be opening day on the mountains, so we decided to hit the slopes.  The snow was choppy (and pretty icy), but we still enjoyed ourselves.  On top of that, Tourism Whistler hooked us up with a Ziptrek Tour, something we’ve wanted to do for ages!  We had a blast zipping through the treetops on Whistler mountain.  The Ziptrek footage was shot by Matt, 100% via a helmet mount.

We shot this video completely on our GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera.  We had recently picked up the GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp and were experimenting with it (and the GoPro in general) on this trip.  The Jaws really easily clamped onto my ski pole (as well as my skis when I was carrying them), and made for some pretty neat shots.  We also suction cupped the GoPro to the roof of our car for a bit to get some shots of the incredible Sea to Sky Highway.